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Here are just a few of the models I restore. The pictures are of the actual distributor.
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Effective 06/10/2021: In 2016 Bosch has discontinued the kits used to rebuild their distributors. So I purchased as many genuine kits I could find. Now my supply is getting low and i'm not sure how long before I run out. Once they are gone... they are gone. So if you want your distributor rebuilt, to as new condition, please contact me first to make sure I still have genune kits in stock.

Effective 12/28/2022: I'm down to my last 5 kits

Effective 02/23/2023: All of my remaining Bosch rebuild kits have been used and i have no others. So as of now, I will not be taking on any additional rebuilds.

It's been a good run but it looks like it's over.

Thanks to all the people that have trusted me with their distributors.

Bosch "383"
Porsche 356 1948-1955
VW 25HP 1948-1953

Bosch "010"

Bosch "019"

Bosch "019"

Blue Bosch 019 from the original "Screamer Kit" from the late 60's.
This is the original paint.The distributor is fully reconditioned and will perform the like new.

Bosch "022"
Porsche 356/912 1964-1967

Bosch VJR4 BR18
Porsche 356 1958-1963
Same advance curve as 022

Bosch VJR4 BR9
Porsche 356 1956-1957

Bosch "031"
Porsche 912 1968-1969

Bosch "061"
Porsche 912 1968-1969
(North America)

Bosch VJU4BR8
Volkswagen Type 1 36HP 1954-1960
> > >

Bosch 0231 115 040
Volkswagen Type 1 36HP 1954-1960
Same advance curve as VJU4BR8
This is a Bosch replacement for the VJU4BR8. It is identical except it has the new 10 digit part number.

Bosch VJ4 BR8
Volkswagen Type 2 36HP 1954-1959
Same advance curve as 019

Bosch VJ4 BR25
Volkswagen Type 2 40HP 1959-1960
Same advance curve as 010

Bosch ZV/JCU4R3
Volkswagen Type 3 1964 only

Bosch "Big Cap"
Volkswagen Type 1 1961-1964

Bosch "034" 0 231 170 034
German SVDA

Bosch "205K" 113-905-205K
Volkswagen Beetle 1966-1967

Bosch "205M" 113-905-205M
Volkswagen Beetle 1968

Bosch "205T" 113-905-205T
Volkswagen Beetle 1969-1970

Bosch "205S" 022-905-205S
Volkswagen Type 4

Bosch "205P" 021-905-205P
Volkswagen Type 4 1976-1979

Bosch "050"
Volkswagen Type 4 and Porsche 914

Bosch VJR4BR11
Mercedes Benz 190SL

Bosch VJR4BR24
Mercedes Benz 190SL

Bosch 0 231 116 051
Mercedes Benz 230SL and 250SE

Bosch 0231 116 048
Mercedes Benz 230/230S/250S

Bosch 0231 110 041
Alfa Romero

Bosch VJU4BL33

Bosch 0231 159 001
Porsche Early 911 and 914-6

Bosch 0231 159 002
Porsche Early 911S
Yellow Tag

Bosch VE 4/2 CR 404
Goliath 700
2 cylinder, 2 stroke, includes used cap


NOS Bosch German Dark Brown Caps
NOS Bosch Yellow Wire Condensers
NOS Bosch German Points
and NOS Bremi brown 25hp "Flat Top" caps.

NOS Large Diameter 383 Condensers
NOS 383 rotors

NOS Bosch 36hp tune up parts.
NOS Bosch German "Dog Leg" Points for 36hp distributors.
NOS Bosch German "Big Cap" 40hp parts.

NOS Dowal ZV/JCU4R3 Distributor cap. This is a one year only cap
NOS Bosch German Condenser for Mercedes Distributor.
NOS Bosch German "Big Cap" Distributor Cap and NOS Atlas Condenser.

Pertronix does make a points replacement that fits.
Pertronix part #1844 for 12 volt and #1844N6 for 6 volt.

Believe it or not this is the same distributor.

And sometimes they can't be saved.

Sun 620 Distributor Machine

circa 1958

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