Quick Fix for Your Tired Starter

By Glenn Ring


Ever turn the key to start the car and hear nothing? Most times the starter turns but sometimes thereís nothing. Itís not the battery because all the lights work and so does the horn and radio. Itís not the starter. The problem is that after 30 plus years the wires get old and the electrical resistance increases until turning the key just doesnít supply enough to engaged the starter. The good news is its easy to fix. What you need to do is add a relay in the circuit. Now you can buy a kit from any of the major mail order catalogs or you can make your own. All you need is a Bosch 30 amp relay and some 16-gauge wire. On my 74 Beetle everything was assessable from under the rear seat. There were no wires to cut.


The relay has 5 posts. All have numbers. You need to run a wire (red) from the positive on the battery to post 30 on the relay. Itís best to insert a 15A fuse for protection. Then run a yellow wire from post 86 to a ground. Now you need to find the ignition wire under the driverís side of the rear seat. Itís a Red with a Black stripe (R/BL). Thereís a connector there and simply pull it apart. Run a Black wire from post 87 to the starter side of the connector and a Blue wire from post 85 to the ignition side of the connector.


Thatís it. Just put the seat back and the starter will turn every time you turn the key.