Glenn's 1974 Beetle Restoration

Time for a new engine

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Sometimes parts get old and fail. I was cruising along and heard a bang, followed with a loss of power. I knew I dropped a cylinder and there was a lot of noise. So I pulled over I found oil everywhere. After pulling the engine this is what I found.

A large hole in the top of the engine. I also found that the #3 exhaust valve was sitting on top of the engine. So this one is now a boat anchor.

It's time for a new engine. After some research I've decided on building a 2276 which is 94 x 82. I will salvage a number of parts from my old engine including all the engine tin, alternator, ignition and clutch. I've also decided that some of the parts will be replaced with new. All of the internal engine parts will be new. No used or reconditioned parts this time.

I called Tim at Gene Berg and wanted to get on the waiting list for some of the parts. The my pleasant surprise many of them were in stock.

Four days later I found this at my front door.

In the box was a GB-933PSC 1-5/8" merged header by Phoenix that was already ceramic coated. And a new Berg 1.5qt sump

Berg 3.5lb billet Achiever pulley and a new pair of vented genuine VW valve covers and bails.

Carbs will be a set of Italian Weber 48 IDAs that have been rebuild by Art Thraen. Linkage will be a Berg fan mount.

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