Glenn's 1974 Beetle Restoration

Body Shop - Part 2

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Over the next 8 months the car would be worked on for a few days and then sit for a few weeks. Sometimes I'd stop by 2 weeks in a row and alot of work was done. Other times I'd not stop by for a month and the car was never touched. Charlie and I kept in touch and I kept paying him as the work progressed.

After it was media blasted, it had to be primed so it wouldn't rust
The doors, hood and engine lid are back on and it's starting to look like a Beetle again

Finally in May I got a call that the car was in primer and he wanted to double check on the color. Twelve days later the car was done.

Ahh... It's RED again.

I made arangements to have the car flat beded to my house. All in all I got a good deal. The car looks beautiful, and didn't cost as much as if I paid by the clock. It took over 250 hours to do the body.

It traveled home in style

Now came time for me to put some sweat into the body. The floor still needed to be painted. The pan is solid, but there was some surface rust and some flaking. I used a hand held wire brush to remove all the loose flakes. I then vacummed the floor to remove the durt and durt. I applied Mar-Hyde Prep One to remove and oil and grease. Now came time to apply the rust neutralizer. I've seen a few of these, but was never satisfied. Charlie told me to use Mar-Hyde One Step. Its a thin milky white liquid that is applied with a brush. Withing a few minutes it startes to turn a black color. After 30 minutes I applied a second coat. The next day I was amazed at the job it did. It dried a nice black satin finish. I would of left it alone, but it only reacts with unpainted metal. Areas that had overspray were still red. So I applied a top coat of Chassis Black that I got from the POR-15. The floor now looks great.

Here's a picture of the inside

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